Light Up A Life - Radiant School, Bangalore

Christmas 2019. Putting this out here because “Light Up A Life” was the last media engagement we did before the lockdown. And one we were actually reluctant to take on. Was a decent day at the office by the end of it…


A charity Christmas event by Radiant School of Learning, Bangalore to raise funds for education, hit the front pages of The New Indian Express. This came two weeks after the charity approached us for media mileage and we as a team knew it was going be a tough nut to crack. Why? Because this time of year sees enough yuletide activity around the city that are way more high profile. And, this was a fundraiser with no celebrity pull. That’s where we came in. This was 27th November 2019, our first clip exactly 11 days before the event. There was more to come… you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 🔥

Show Them Love at Christmas - Cassykeys Production, Goa

Christmas 2020. In association with Cassius Fernandes 0f Cassykeys Production and TNG and other supremely talented Goan musicians ensured the charity collaboration video to raise money for special children reached as wide an audience as possible. Owing to the current situation, the only way was to go as viral as possible.