A snapshot of the content we worked on during the lockdown and the stuff in the pipeline...

The Bridget Diaries

Had the absolute pleasure of working closely with legendary Anglo-Indian cuisine historian and author Bridget White-Kumar during the Christmas season. The queen of Anglo food and the fierce guardian of community history was not only friendly and warm but familial even. Making the whole experience all that more special. 

We did a series of blog posts, a 1-hour FB Live session along with The Taste Magician and UK Curry Connect in London  as well as a special Rum ball recipe showcase during Christmas week. Lots more to come. Stay tuned! 

Chef Michael Swamy - Newsletters

Chef Michael Swamy is a man who wears many hats –  the pioneer in the area of food media, is also a rare combination of chef-food stylist-food photographer-author. A graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, London, he has over time evolved his signature cooking style best described as “technique-based cooking specialising in Indo-Portuguese and Indo-French and Spanish fare”.

Apart from regular PR and Social Media planning, we began work on reaching his fanbase and adding a newer audience by putting relevant and topical newsletters out that would connect with a locked down audience. 

The Taste Magician - Social Media

Reworked the Social Media strategy across Facebook and Instagram for this Indian-born, London-based chef who uses his globetrotting experiences to bring it back to the basics. Simply put, demystifying complex food for the home.

The Taste Magician - 12 Days of Christmas

Apart from regular Social Media engagement, TTM also brought Christmas home in 12 days by presenting traditional Yuletide fare that anyone could pull off at home.

The clincher was that most of it was presented by kids. That simple!

The Taste Magician - Leftover Hacks

The 12 Days of Christmas was followed by the obvious – Christmas feast leftovers.

The leftovers hack came about to help people save the leftovers and to get creative with it. “Waste not, want not”.

Pepper That - Content Strategy & Creation

A home chef and owner of The Christmas Shop Bangalore approached us to get her cooking blog “Pepper That” up and running and due to the festive season it was shelved. Watch out for it in 2021.

The Talent Networking Group - Social Media Engagement

This is a project of passion that we are going to be involved with for a long time to come. The platform is open to all those who want to showcase their own talents or their minor kids talents who do not have a FB account whether it be for fun or to promote themselves. 

We’ve done some amazing work unearthing some rare talent and have had big names come on board to mentor as well. Names such as Usha Uthup, The Bellamy Brother, Gary Lawyer, Prasad Bidappa to name a few.

Kaviraj Cookware

Working closely with Rohit Chawla of Kaviraj on planning the 50th Anniversary content plan.