Most work came to a standstill as did regular life for most of us in 2020, but, we were fortunate enough to complete a few good projects. And, we did get started with a few more as well. They are in various stages of roll out and should see traction in 2021. 

We engaged with LittleGIANT Microgreens for branding exercises with a few of our FB live initiatives and managed to get them some media mileage as well at the height of the lockdown.

In Progress...

BroadWeb Digital

DWC has and continues to work closely with Australia-based BroadWeb Digital for most International projects we undertake. They are also the digital go-to guys for us.

We are working closely with Mr. Sujay Sarma, founder of to help launch the portal soon. AlumniBatchmates is a registry to help find former school and college alumni.

We have been engaged with the company from initial ideation and are looking at going all the way to the imminent launch and beyond.

Kaviraj Cookware 50th Anniversary


PRāNā Naturals

Ikai Asai

SurfaceVue by Deft & Tact